Executive Produciton

Hair Photography

Even in the disclosure photos campaigns for hair, the coloring packing projects or others hair treatments, it's essential that the executive production be according to the expectations and the hirer investment availability. At the time of production, we have variants that should be considered as experience, image and the executive producer capacity in hiring and leadership of various service providers that will compose the executive team.

Casting Production

Beauty, photogenic and experience are always desired characteristics for top models. However, when it is about models for hair photos, many other aspects are considered, including color, length, density, texture of the hair and the current haircut of the model. Depending on the product to be released, it is also necessary to observe the quality and status of the roots, highlights, bangs, etc. After the contractor's briefing, we present the largest number of top models with the right characteristics for the specific product. Due to the large numbers of models we employ, our team has great bargaining power by providing many options.


The Studio is directed by the photographer Bete Vieira, who occupies a prominent place among Brazilian professional photographers. In over 25 years in this field, she has done significant work in various fields of photography, edited several books and is now recognized as one of the best and most experienced photographer of hair from Brazil.


Considering our specialty, showing the beauty of hair texture, we use a professional digital camera system that produces the highest quality digital image nowadays: the Phase One - www.phaseone.com.

Make-up | Hair | Clothes

We have the best professionals for each of these activities, always considering the professional experience on similar briefing projects.


Meals will be provided for the entire team, served at predetermined intervals, to support the work being done.

Production Leases | Objects | Scenarios

Whenever it is necessary to hire leases, collection and objects return or even the scenarios construction for photographs, we execute and filed these activities quickly and efficiently.


If is necessary, we provide convenient transportation and transfers for all staff and their equipment.

Post Production

The photo projects for dissemination of cosmetic hair and especially designs for packaging colorations campaigns need post-production work (mergers and digital manipulations treatments) performed by professionals. Besides skin care, equalization of colors and lights, common in the beauty treatments, the image pass through a treatment in hair with frizz cleaning, implants, mergers, cut-outs and fine adjustment of colors (there are projects with more than 40 colors between super blonde and bluish black). To better serve you in these specific needs, our treatments are completed in RGB via EIZO monitor and, if the contractor wants, with digital color proofs EPSON Stylus PRO 3800 printer.